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    gained in the implementation of the first and second national human rights action plans

  • n is still

    , the Chinese government has formulated the National Hu▓man Rights Action Plan of China (2016-202▓0) (hereinafter referred to as t

  • extensive

    he Action Plan) in accordance with the constitutional principle that the state ▓respects and protects h

, unbalanced, unco▓ordinate

uman rights and the spirit of the Universal Declaration of Hum

  • an Rights and other rel▓ated in

  • ternational human rights con▓ventions, and in combination w

  • ith the implementation of the Outline of the Thirt▓ee

  • nth Five-Year Plan for National Economic and Soc

  • ia▓l Development of the People's Re

solved in

such field▓ s as health care, educ

ation, care for th

e aged, food a

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